Do not quit

Do not quit until you got nothing left. Today’s pain is a building block of tomorrow’s success.



Life is a game that you must not settle for anything less than a win. Some are playing this game wrongly by having no-goal. Some are satisfy of being spectators, However some are playing well, striving hard until they win well, patiently waiting and hoping for the day of rewards.
Whoever is in Christ is in this game, any backsliding brother or sister are busy giving on-goal and anyone that experience Spiritual growth constantly is Christ Centered. God bless you and i to be Christ centered. Are you?

Do not worry

Hello guys, things are hard and cumbersome, right? However, do not worry. Each day has its own trouble and opportunity. If you cannot make it today, you will make it tomorrow. Therefore, do not run faster than your shadow.


People always have criteria in having and staying in relationship. Some people form of criteria are: I need a God fearing person, education, tall, not moody, outgoing, skillful and so on.
One thing i observed in all these is that those people are very sincere and honest in laying this criteria. Some people even go to the extent of praying to God about those criteria.
However, i must confessed that many people do not know how to go about fishing out the God fear person they have been praying for.
If eventually they found someone and they are in a relationship, the term God fearing person always remains vague to many. When you ask the question. Is this person a God fearing person? The response you confidently hear is Yes. When you ask the second question, how do you know that this person is a God fearing person, they tend to tell you that, “He/she goes to Church every Sunday, caring, supportive, articulate, etc. When you asked the third question, do these things make Him/she a God fearing person, the response is always YES.
Personally, i wonder whether this is true. Scripturaly, we know that it is not true. Rev 12:11 “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” (NIV)
I ask this question, “why are you afraid to share your testimony?” “Why are you afraid to ask him or her his or her testimony?” Let me call your attention to something very important that i acknowledge as good from the beginning. From you criteria, a God fearing person comes first on you list. This is acceptable. However, you are shying away from the reality even when the opportunity presented itself.
Since this is first on the list. I suggest that you should ascertain whether the person has relationship with Christ of not. It doesn’t stop here. You need some gentle probing. How did it happen? Did some lead you to Christ? When did you commit you life to Christ in this manner? Since then how has your life being? Is there any positive change?
Remember that it is dangerous to be in relationship with someone that you do not know about his or her spiritual life. This determines where you sleep at nigh; where you sleep in your bed at night or you sleep in the sea or in the air. Please this is not to frighten you, but to enlighten you of the spiritual realm.
I have you ever said a similar prayer like this, “Lord Jesus, I admit that i have been living my life according to the desire and passion of this world. I have been sinning against you. Come into my life and forgive me. take my life and use me as your vessel. Take me as your child because i believe in you. Thank you Father for saving me. Amen.
If you have never said this prayer, it is good you say this prayer now. Whenever, you say this pray, you can write a comment on this page so that i can follow you up. God bless you.